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I recorded an excerpt of a poem I wrote a few years ago to include in the Open Air Philly Project.  If you’d like to hear the recorded poem, click the audio player.  If you’d like to know more about the Open Air Philly Project, go to http://www.openairphilly.net/ (I’m entry #371).

If you’d like to read the poem, it’s below. I like this poem.  It encapsulates one of my core philosophies.


Moving forward

(a poem for my nephew Tam upon his graduation)

If you stop having a goal
you will be swept along with the tide of life.
If you take your eyes off the intent for a moment
you blink and a year has passed.

That’s not to say that your life will be bad
or uneventful
or lonely
or less creative
or unfulfilled.

But it may not be what you expected.
It may not be what you wanted.
It may not be what you dreamed.

That’s why you must move consciously forward.
Strive, plan, succeed, reach…
Even if it’s to get one step farther down the street than you did last week.

Move forward.
Continually looking up
Looking out at the world
letting the world see you
and being content with what the world sees of you.

Knowing that you are where you want to be
doing what you want to do
being who you are meant to be.